How to create the perfect pattern for your feet.

In the mass production shoemaking field, shoes are made based on the wooden pattern of an average foot, so it is difficult to find shoes that fit your feet perfectly.

LOPER allows you to easily adjust the pattern to fit your own feet at the stage of making the upper part of the shoe, making it possible to make shoes that are more suitable for individual feet.

Thickness of the materials

For soft materials, thickness of about 2 mm

For harder materials, we recommend making them with a thickness of about 1.5mm.

About sizing

Loper shoes have a system that allows your feet to adjust to them as you wear them.

When it is first made, it may seem a little small, It is best to make it a little small when it is finished, so that it will be just right when you get used to it.

Many people want to choose soft leather because it seems to be easier on the feet, but if the leather stretches too much, it can cause difficulty in walking.

Except for those who have foot problems such as bunions or ingrown toenails, shoes made of relatively firm leather that can be gradually nurtured by your feet, even if they feel stiff at first, will be shoes that you can wear for a long time.

How to choose soles

Take off your shoes and place your feet on the sole.。

A sole that is aligned with the heel and has about 1.5 to 2 cm of extra toe is the right sole for your feet.

When adjusting the pattern, the instep and heel parts are chosen to fit each foot.

Instep parts

Back Parts

If you have a high instep

When a person with a high instep chooses shoes, they usually choose shoes according to the size of their instep, which results in too much toe area, as shown in the picture.

If the toe part is too much, it may be difficult to walk or the shoe may be too big and look awkward, so adjust the size of the upper to match the size of the sole.

If your sole is 37/38, but when you wear it, 39 is the perfect fit, here is how to adjust.

Prepare the paper pattern for the 38 and 39 insteps.

Cut through the middle of the 38 patten paper

It will open to fit the width of the 39

Fix with tape.

If you keep the pattern for the heel at 38 and adjust only the instep part, you will get a shoe that fits your foot perfectly.

When you wear a 39, if the heel part also seems to have little room, change the heel part to a 39 as well.

Combine the stencils to fit each foot.

In the case of a low instep

For a low instep, if you choose a sole that matches the length of your foot, you will often end up with an upper that is too big.

Here's what it looks like with them on.

The toe part is just right, but the heel is too big and there is too much room at the instep.

If I wear one size smaller, even though the upper is snug, the toe hits and hurts.

Change the heel parts to one size smaller.

For the instep part, in contrast to the high instep part, the width is narrowed to fit the pattern one size smaller.

Cut the pattern down to this size, and then make the pattern smaller by one size.

Fix it with tape and you're done.

The principle can be applied to all other shoe designs except Derby.

If you feel that the instep is snug but the heel is too big, adjust the heel only.

If the heel is snug but the instep is too big, try adjusting the instep only.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to let me know.