What's proef


If we look at the world around us from a slightly different angle,

today would be a little more fun!

What is proef?

proef is a brand specializing in product design. For proef, designing is not only about the visual features, but also developing new ways of creating, producing and finding the best way to send products. Every project has its own concept and its way of thinking.

What proef wants to do.

Instead of thinking from how to create the product, we look at the process of how the product has been produced and how it changed over time to find something that is “new but normal” along with the possibilities it has with design.

In addition, we bring the cost down by design and utilizing the finest material produced in the area. From this, I hope to make the connection between the company and the consumer a more natural thing.

Future of proef

Design is like making seeds in proef. We plant these seeds in various cultures. Finding pleasure in receiving intake from different cultural views is our way of developing business that is universally understood.