Making shoes by remaking a leather jacket

This time, a staff member who had never made "shoes" disassembled old clothes and used them as "fabric" to make original shoes.


Purchased about 10 years ago. Leather jackets from the 80's and 90's are less likely to make you want to wear them aggressively.

However, I still haven't been able to wear it, and I was wondering how to dispose of it, so I decided to reborn the jacket as a "shoe fabric".

The process of printing and cutting free patterns and writing patterns on the fabric

This time I made a design called Derby. (You can download it for free.) Cut the downloaded pattern, make a hole and connect it to make 4 parts (8 parts in total) with one foot.

You can make original shoes by using different fabrics as they are, but since I use "used clothes" leather jackets, I decided to cut the pattern using the details of the jacket.

Cutting and Making Holes

Use a punch to make a holes in the place where the thread is to be passed.

Cut Parts

The asymmetrical design reduces the risk of mistaken left and right parts.

I used the fursner part, the place where the tack is, and the epaulette part of the shoulder as a part of the design.

Temporary fixing and sewing

Starting with sewing the heel, we use a method called saddle stitching, which is sewn alternately with two needles.

I have no experience in leather crafting, but I thought it was a very easy sewing method.


I attached the shoelaces and it was completed in about 4 hours?

The appeal of Loper is that you can make your own upper just by changing the fabric.

I feel that the originality has been further enhanced by using old-fashioned leather.