LOPER shoe making kit is now on sale.

Loper : Glueless DIY Footwear

Do you want to make your own shoes? Or even start your own footwear brand?

Try loper!

Loper Project aims to achieve a healthy and sustainable shoes production system, a project that has been developed over six years.

This is the Loper Shoemaking Kit.

It includes Soles, Insoles, Thread to connect the upper and sole and Needles.

Please prepare your favorite leather and shoe laces




Choose the size

The size may vary slightly depending on the brand and model, so please refer to the table below and compare it with the size of the shoes you usually wear.


Decide on shoes with your favorite.

You can choose the design from 4 styles. Derby,Macalon,Plain,High top

パターンは、Link hereYou can download the pattern

Click on 'LOPER PATTERNS' and then 'Download' to download all styles and sizes.


Let's make the Derby style this time.


Cut out the patterns with scissors or sharp knife.


Punch holes in the patterns


Trace the patterns on the material with a pen.


The printed side of the patterns are for the left shoe, flip the pattern to make the right shoe.

It's good to write on each patterns, 'right' or 'left' to prevent the mistake.


Cut out the materials along the trace line and punch the holes.


After cutting all the patterns, temporarily fix the left and right parts with masking tape at the correct positions.


Put the thread through the two needles. The upper and sole will be connected with a 'saddle stitch'.

'Saddle stitching' is a way to sew alternately with two needles as shown in the picture below.

Sew to point D with needle 1.

After sewing needle 2 to point D, stab needle 1 into position D on the sole.


Finally we will sew the upper and sole. The needles on both ends are sewn alternately by a method called saddle stitching.

The stitches on the side side are sewn in one piece and sewn so that they come back from the edges in the same way.

For the final cleanup, double sew both threads and cut at the ends.

Put the insole and put the string through to complete!

I used synthetic leather brown this time, but just changing the material will change the atmosphere so much. It's fun to shape the original design based on the pattern.

Even professional shoe maker loved our soles


It is also popular with craftsmen who usually spend time and effort making it. Since it can be made in a relatively short time, it seems that he plans to make a second line using "LOPER" separately from the normal line.

Its perfect for the shoe workshop!

customer's voice

Better DIY

Our dream for the near future is to develop kids size LOPER's so kids can make their own shoes too.

Shoe manufacturing often is a unhealthy and harmful industry, for workers and environment.

Stop buying shoes and start making them :)

It's fun to do and such a great feeling to walk on your selfmade shoes!

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